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What we believe in

We believe Hemp is a crop that can be integrated into many industries that have negative environmental impacts. We want to help transition them into being sustainable while still providing quality products. Being Aboriginal owned, we honour tradition and have a strong connection to our Mother Earth - we only have one mother and it is time to start treating her with some more respect, and that starts with education, conversation, integration.

We started this company based on doing things differently, including doing things that follow true to our values, and taking care of our communities and environment is first and foremost. We are witnesses to the lengths in which corporations will go to for more resources to maintain their profits. We believe Hemp can transition many products from being unsustainable and unrecyclable to materials that are biodegradable and improve our global environment, one immediate area we want to improve is our landfills.

Hemp is a strong plentiful crop that can be made into many different biodegradable products such as paper and plastic items and can help reduce and replace the number of products in our landfills that will never decompose. Other important items hemp produces are construction materials, clothing, food and even Biofuel.

It is in our culture to use every part of the plant and that is what we are doing, that is why we are developing products from all parts of the plant. Our aim is to provide quality organic products to reduce our environmental impact, while also building green organic hemp homes in low income communities.

We are passionate about growing and building a future based around Aboriginal values, while promoting honest industries that incorporate and develop new technology with a greener future in mind.

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